(AGENGG-221) Renewable Energy And Green Technology PDF/BOOK/NOTES Agrigyan.in

AGENGG-221 Renewable Energy And Green Technology 2(1+1)     S.No. Topic Download 1. Introduction to renewable Energy View 2. Classification of Energy sources View 3. Biofuels and characteristics View 4. Characterization of biomass View 5 Biomass densfication View 6. Biomass Gasification. .. View 7. Biomass Combustion … View 8. Introduction to Biogas Technology View 9. Biogas plants types View 10. Biogas […]

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Crop Production Technology-2 (Rabi Crops) PDF

Crop Production Technology-2 (Rabi Crops) Crop Production Technology is Main Subject of B.sc Agriculture. Due to the Increasing Population and to meet their Requirement is a big Challenge and Increasing Crop Production Using New Technology from Crop growing to harvesting and Maintaining Quality of Water , Soil and Nutrients etc. , And Good Varieties of Seed Should Be Used. Buy […]

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