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Agronomy Main Subject of agriculture with the main part of agriculture. In Agronomy We Study Principles of agronomy, water management, crops ( oil seed crops, Legume Crops, and Field Crops ) production, and their Management. You Can Download Agriculture all agronomy Pdf from .

#Introduction of Agronomy:-

#Principles of Agronomy Notes PDF:-

#Water management including Micro irrigation:-

Download Complete Notes PDF

#Grain Legumes and Oil Seed crops:-

#Commercial Crops:- 

#Field Crop:-

#Weeds and Weed Management of Agronomy Crops:-

  • 1. Weeds- Introduction-Harmful and Benefits- PDF Download
  • 2. Classification of weeds with figures- PDF Download
  • 3. Propagation And Dissemination Of Weed Seeds- PDF Download
  • 4. Crop-Weed Association, Crop-Weed Competition And Allelopathy- PDF Download
  • 5. Methods Of Weed Control – Physical and Cultural- PDF Download
  • 6. Methods Of Weed Control–Chemical, Biological, and Herbicidal- PDF Download
  • 7. Integrated Weed Management- PDF Download
  • 8. Nomenclature Of Commonly Available Herbicides- PDF Download
  • 9. Low Volume Herbicides – Adjuvants And Their Use In Herbicides – Mode Of Action Of Herbicides – Effect Of Sub Lethal Dosage-PDF Download
  • 10. Selectivity And Mode Of Action Of Herbicide- PDF Download
  • 11. Compatibility Of Herbicides With Other AgroChemicals- PDF Download
  • 12. Weed Management In Major Field crops- PDF Download
  • 13. Weed Management In Horticultural Crops- PDF Download
  • 14. Herbicides-Advantages and disadvantages- PDF Download
  • 15. Herbicide- Classification- PDF Download

#Crop Pests and Stored Grain Pests and their Management:-

#Seeds and Principles of Seed Technology:-

Seed Production in Vegetables:-

About Seed Act, Storage, Marketing, and Price:-

> Structure of monocot seed and its relationship with developing seedlings of Maize- Download PDF 
> Seed dormancy, Causes of seed dormancy (Factors affecting seed dormancy), Methods to break dormancy-PDF Download
> Seed  germination and factors affecting seed germination-PDF Download

#Disease of Agronomy Crop and their Management:-

#Breeding of Agronomy and Horticultural crops:-

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