Agri Informatics Book/Pdf

Agri Informatics Subject part Of Agriculture and A computer is a calculating machine. Through which data is displayed in a simple form and it is useful to keep the data safe for a long time, many new technologies have been developed by computer which proved very useful for human society and have made significant contribution in the field of agriculture.

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Crop Production Technology-2 (Rabi Crops) PDF


Crop Production Technology-2 (Rabi Crops) Crop Production Technology is Main Subject of Agriculture. Due to the Increasing Population and to meet their Requirement is a big Challenge and Increasing Crop Production Using New Technology from Crop growing to harvesting and Maintaining Quality of Water , Soil and Nutrients etc. , And Good Varieties of Seed Should Be Used. Buy Now ( Click 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇)  PDF details – Crop Production Technology No. of PDF – 16 Language – English Download Pdf :- AGRON-221              Crop Production Technology-2…

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