Agronomy Lecture Notes: Download Free PDF

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This article provides a comprehensive agronomy lecture notes PDF for agriculture students. It covers core topics in agronomy including principles of the field, water and irrigation management, major crop types like grain legumes and oil seeds, commercial crops, field crops, weed control, pest and disease management, seed technology, crop breeding and more.

Students can use this PDF to study key concepts across these areas of agronomy and horticulture.

Introduction of Agronomy

Principles of Agronomy Notes PDF

  • 1. Agriculture – Definition – Importance and scope – Branches of agriculture – Evolution of man and agriculture – Development of scientific agriculture – National and International Agricultural Research Institutes – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 2. Indian agriculture – Indian economy – Agricultural income in GDP-National income – per capita income  – Women in agriculture and empowerment – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 3. History of agricultural development in the world and India. Agriculture heritage – Agriculture in ancient India – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 4. Stages of agriculture development – Era of civilization- Importance of Neolithic civilization – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 5. Chronology of Agricultural technology development in India – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 6. Kautilya’s Arthasasthra – Sangam literature – rainfall prediction  – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 7. Agronomy – definition – meaning and scope. Agro-climatic zones of India and  Agro-ecological zones of India  – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 8. Crops and major soils – Classification – Economic and agricultural importance in India  – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 9. Factors affecting crop production – climatic – edaphic – biotic- physiographic and socio-economic factors  – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 10. Tillage – Definition – objectives – types of tillage – modern concepts of tillage – main field preparation  – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 11. Seeds – Seed rate – Sowing methods – Germination – Crop stand establishment – Planting geometry  – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 12. Role of manures and fertilizers in crop production- Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 13. Irrigation – Time and methods – Modern techniques of irrigation – Drainage and its importance – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 15. Cropping pattern and cropping system – Intensive cropping- Sustainable agriculture – IFS – Read More>>>( PDF Download )
  • 16. Organic/eco-friendly agriculture – Dry farming – Concepts and principles – Read More>>>( PDF Download )

Water management including Micro irrigation

Download Complete Notes PDF

Grain Legumes and Oil Seed crops

Commercial Crops

Field Crop

Weeds and Weed Management of Agronomy Crops

  • 1. Weeds- Introduction-Harmful and Benefits- PDF Download
  • 2. Classification of weeds with figures- PDF Download
  • 3. Propagation And Dissemination Of Weed Seeds- PDF Download
  • 4. Crop-Weed Association, Crop-Weed Competition And Allelopathy- PDF Download
  • 5. Methods Of Weed Control – Physical and Cultural- PDF Download
  • 6. Methods Of Weed Control–Chemical, Biological, and Herbicidal- PDF Download
  • 7. Integrated Weed Management- PDF Download
  • 8. Nomenclature Of Commonly Available Herbicides- PDF Download
  • 9. Low Volume Herbicides – Adjuvants And Their Use In Herbicides – Mode Of Action Of Herbicides – Effect Of Sub Lethal Dosage-PDF Download
  • 10. Selectivity And Mode Of Action Of Herbicide- PDF Download
  • 11. Compatibility Of Herbicides With Other AgroChemicals- PDF Download
  • 12. Weed Management In Major Field crops- PDF Download
  • 13. Weed Management In Horticultural Crops- PDF Download
  • 14. Herbicides-Advantages and disadvantages- PDF Download
  • 15. Herbicide- Classification- PDF Download

Crop Pests and Stored Grain Pests and their Management

Seeds and Principles of Seed Technology

Seed Production in Vegetables

About Seed Act, Storage, Marketing, and Price:-

> Structure of monocot seed and its relationship with developing seedlings of Maize- Download PDF 
> Seed dormancy, Causes of seed dormancy (Factors affecting seed dormancy), Methods to break dormancy-PDF Download
> Seed  germination and factors affecting seed germination-PDF Download

Disease of Agronomy Crop and their Management

Breeding of Agronomy and Horticultural crops

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