Chickpea :: Disease :: Dry Root Rot ( Rhizoctonia bataticola )

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Chickpea :: Disease :: Dry Root Rot ( Rhizoctonia bataticola )

Dry Root Rot is soil borne disease caused by fungus, Rhizoctonia bataticola. The disease is prominent in rainfed areas of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Mostly disease appears at flowering or pod formation stage. Infection of this disease is also seen at seedling stage in presence of poor soil moisture and high temperature (about 30°C).

a disease of chickpea ya gram crop . in this plant root damaing


Symptoms Dry Root Rot :-

  • Diseased plants turn to straw colour as a result of drying of leaves and branches.
  • Roots become brittle and plants may have few lateral roots only. Brittle roots start decaying and turn black.
  • When diseased plants are uprooted, roots are broken and remain mostly in soil.
  • Small black sclerotia are seen on the surface of exposed roots.

Management of Dry Root Rot :-

  • Timely sowing helps in saving crop from dry root rot.
  • Deep ploughing during May-June reduces dry root rot infection. Soil solarisation of disease prone fields is recommended.

Chemical Control:-

  • Seed treatment with 1g Carbendazim (Bavistin) or Carboxin + 2g Thiram + 4g Trichoderma viride per kg of seeds controls initial disease development Seed treatment with Thiram or Captan @ 3g/kg seed can also be adopted to check development of this disease.

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what is Scientific Name of Dry Root Rot ?

Rhizoctonia bataticola

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