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Fundamental Of Agriculture a Competitive book For Every Agriculture Student. Volume-2 Covers almost Topics Like- Entomology, Plant Pathology, Intergrated Pest Management and Respiration in Plant .  Download arun katyan agriculture book volume 1 & 2 PDF From agrigyan.in

  • Title:- Fundamental Of Agriculture Volume – 2
  • Author:Arun Katyayan
  • Language:- English
  • File Format:- PDF
  • PDF Size:-  11.5 mb
  • No. of Page:- 143
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S.No.Topic Name
1.Water Relation :- Introduction, Diffusion, Osmosis, Water Potential , Role of Osmosis, Transpiration, evaporation , Stomata , Guttation, Bleeding etc.
2.Photosynthesis :- Photosynthetic Pigments , Dark reactions , Calvin Cycle , CAM etc.
3.Respiration :- Types of Respiration, Calvin cycle and Kerbs cycle, aerobic and anaerobic Respiration etc.
4.Enzymes :- types and Mode of Action , Classification, Nature and Properties etc.
5.Growth, Harmones and Growth Regulators :- Growth and Development , Auxins, Gibberelellins , Cytokinin, Abscisic acid , Ethylene etc.
6.Photoperiodism and Vernalisation :- Short Day Plant , Long Day Plant, Critical period etc.
7.Agriculture Entomology : An Introduction :- Insect and Pest , Entomology , Phyllum etc
8.Insecticides :- Mode of Action of Insecticides, Insecticides and Their Trade Name , Inorganic Compounds etc.
9.Plant Protection Equipments :- Dusters, Sprayer, Air Sprayer etc.
10.IPM( Intergrated Pest Management ):- Introduction . Harmful effect of pesticides etc .
11.Stored Grain Pests
12.Insect Pests of Some Crops
13.Plant Pathology
14.Chemicals used in Disease Control
15.Plant Disease Control
16.Disease Details Table
17.Objective Model Question

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