PDF of Agro meteorology and Climate Change: Download Free

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Download this free PDF of Agro meteorology with complete notes for BSc Agriculture students.

This article provides an overview of key topics in agrometeorology and climate change for agricultural students, including solar radiation, evapotranspiration, agroclimatic normals, and more.

Lecture Topic
1 Meteorology – Agricultural Meteorology – Definition, Importance to Crop Production, and Future Scope
2 Coordinates of India and Tamil Nadu, Atmosphere – Composition, Vertical Layers Based on Temperature Difference
3 Climate and Weather – Factors, Macroclimate, Meso Climate, Micro-climate, and Their Importance
4 Solar Radiation – Spectrum, Characteristics, and Effects on Crop Production
5 Radiation Balance – Solar Constant, Albedo, Sensible Heat, Latent Heat
6 Evaporation – Transpiration, Evapotranspiration – Importance in Agricultural Production
7 Agro Climatic Normals, Weather Forecasting – Types, Importance, Synoptic Chart, Crop Weather Calendar

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