Agriculture Q&A Quiz 04: Test Your Skills as an Agriculture Student

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Are you aspiring to be a Food Safety Officer, Agriculture Officer, Assistant Agriculture Officer, or Agriculture Supervisor? Do you want to enhance your knowledge in these fields? In this article, we have compiled a set of questions that will help strengthen your preparation. Take the opportunity to read and share these questions. Additionally, you can participate in our Agriculture Q&A Quiz to further test your knowledge.

The standard size of the Agrometology Observatory is –
A) 120′ x 100′
B) 140′ x 100′
C) 160′ x 120′
D) 180′ x 120′

180′ x 120

Harmful solar radiation absorbed by ozone layer in the earth’s atmosphere is :
A) Violet rays
B) Ultraviolet rays
C) Red rays
D) Infrared rays

Ultraviolet rays

Which chemical is used as a defoliant to improve boll opening in cotton?
A) Thiadiazuron 100g/ha
B) NAA 30g/ ha
C) Colchicine 10g/ ha
D) TGA 50g/ ha

Thiadiazuron 100g/ha

“Madhuri” is an improved cultivar of which type of maize crop?
A) Quality Protein corn
B) Baby corn
C) Popcorn
D) Sweet corn

Sweet corn

Crop logging is a method of :
A) Soil fertility evaluation
B) Plan for assessing requirement of nutrients for yield maximization.
C) Assessing crop damage
D) Testing the suitability of fertilizer

Plan for assessing requirement of nutrients for yield maximization.

Major constituent of sun hemp fiber, which makes it the most suitable indigenous raw material for currency paper, is:
A) Cellulose
B) Pentosan
C) Lignin
D) Urinic anhydrite


The deviation from the mean daily temperature to the minimum threshold temperature of a crop is termed as:
A) Diurnal variation
B) Heat Unit
C) Temperature gradient
D) Lapse rate

Heat Unit

The total water resources available through annual precipitation in India are estimated to be:
A) 5320 Billion cubic meter (BCM)
B) 4000 BCM
C) 1800 BCM
D) 1700 BCM

4000 BCM

The individual crop has its minimum, optimum, and maximum temperature for growth and development called as:
A) Temperature gradient
B) Required temperatures
C) Cardinal temperatures
D) Diurnal variation in temperatures

Cardinal temperatures

The simultaneous use of two sources of water namely surface and underground water, to irrigate a piece of land is called as-
A) Consumptive use of water
B) Seasonal consumptive use of water
C) Conjunctive use of water
D) Total crop water requirement

Conjunctive use of water

Amongst cereals, the grains of which crop possess the highest fat content?
A) Pearl millet
B) Sorghum
C) Wheat
D) Barley

Pearl millet

Name a multi-cut cultivar of forage sorghum.
A) Pusa chari 6
B) Rajasthan Chari 2
C) SSG 59-3
D) HC 308

SSG 59-3

Mustard oil cake is unpalatable due to the presence of
A) Sinirgin
B) Carotenoids
C) Selenium
D) Magnesium


Indian Institute of Spices Research is situated at –
A) Ajmer
B) Anand
C) Calicut
D) New Delhi


Which variety of sesame possesses Quadri carpelletum capsule?
A) RT 46
B) RT 125
C) RT 346
D) RT 351

RT 351

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