Quiz: 03: General Agriculture for Competitive Exam

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1. Heterorhabditis sp. Is used for the control of-
A) Rice stem bore
B) Pea leaf miner
C) White grub
D) Coriander aphid

White grub

2. Pectinophora gossypilla is a pest of-
A) Cumin
B) Brinjal
C) Cotton
D) Spinach


3. In storage major pest of rice is
A) Cercyra Cepnolenica
B) Tribolium castaneum
C) Callosobruhus sp
D) Systole albipennis

Cercyra Cepnolenica

4. The coefficient of correlation between X and Y is 0.6, their covariance is 4.8. The variance of X is 9. Then the standard deviation of Y is –
A) 4.8/3*0.6
B) 0.6/4.8*3
C) 4.8*0.6/3
D) 4.8/9*0.6


5. The mean of 20 observations is 25. What will be the mean of a new set of observations, if 3 is added to each observation?
A) 26
B) 28
C) 30
D) 32


6. Which of the following would you regard as a discrete variable
A) Height
B) Time
C) Wages paid to workers
D) Number of children in a family

Number of children in a family

7. If Q1 = 5, Q2 = 10 and Q3 = 20, the quartile deviation will be
A) 15
B) 25
C) 7.5
D) 30


8. When the value of one variable changes while another variable remains constant, it is known as
A) Negative correlation
B) Direct correction
C) Positive correction
D) Independent


9. The average of the absolute deviations taken from the control value is called as
A) Mean deviation
B) Standard deviation
C) Coefficient of variation
D) Range

Mean deviation

10. Variance is –
A) The square root of variation of values
B) The coefficient of variation of values
C) The reciprocal of mean of standard deviation
D) The square of the standard deviation

The square of the standard deviation

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