Quiz: 02: General Agriculture for Competitive Exam

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1. Which fungicide is used for the control of downy mildew?
A) Karathane
B) Ridomil MZ
C) Thiram
D) Captan

Ridomil MZ

2. Sclerotia are formed in which fungus
A) Pythium
B) Claviceps
C) Physoderma
D) Rhizopus


3. Aflatoxins are produced by
A) Alternaria burnsii
B) Fusarium graminearum
C) Cladosporium spp.
D) Aspergillus flaxus

Aspergillus flaxus

4. An example of autoecious rust is
A) Stem rust of wheat
B) Bajra rust
C) Apple rust
D) Linseed rust

Linseed rust

5. Rice tungro disease is caused by
A) A mixture of spherical and flexous viruses.
B) A bacilliform virus alone.
C) A mixture of bacilliform and flexous virus.
D) A mixture of spherical and bacilliform virus

A mixture of spherical and flexous viruses.

6. Yellow and Witches broom symptoms caused by
A) Viroid
B) Fungus
C) phytoplasma
D) Bacteria


7. Bacillus thuringiensis is used for the control of
A) Diamondback moth
B) Fruit-sucking moth
C) Thrips
D) Aphids

Diamondback moth

8. Trichogramma chilonis parasitoid used for the control of
A) Bollworm of cotton
B) White fly
C) Aphid
D) Thrips

Bollworm of cotton

9. Melanagromyza obtusa is a pest of-
A) Red gram
B) Tomato
C) Potato
D) Mustard

Red gram

10. Diamondback moth is a pest of
A) Cotton
B) Cabbage
C) Rice
D) Soybean


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