Plant Propagation: Techniques/Methods in Horticulture Crop List

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Propagation is a technique used to produce multiple new trees from a single tree. This process involves using a small portion of a tree to create several mother plants. Various propagation methods are available, which vary based on the specific crop being grown. In some cases, multiple methods may be used for a single plant.

The table given below shows the name of the crop and its propagation method.

Crop Propagation Method
Lemon Seed 
Malta (Sweet Orange) T-Budding
Pomegranate Hardwood Cutting, (Air Layering)Grafting
Litchi Air Layering (Grafting)
Guava Stooling, Mounding, and Grafting
Banana Sword Suckers (750g)
Date Palm Offshoots / Suckers (10-12kg)
Pineapple Suckers / Slips
Strawberry Runners
Amla (Indian Gooseberry) Patch Budding and T-Budding
Bael Patch Budding or Seed
Indian Jujube Ring Budding or T-Budding
Custard Apple T-Budding or Seed
Sapota (Chikoo) Inarching
Rose Shield Budding or Hardwood Cutting
Papaya, Phalsa, Jamun Seed
  • North India – Vineyard Grafting
  • South India – Inarching
  • Epicotyl is a new and economic method popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra
Olive T-Budding

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