MCQ :: Soil Erosion Quiz For Competitive Exam

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For aspirants preparing for competitive exams like Agriculture Supervisor, understanding erosion causes and prevention is essential. Students must focus on erosion impacts on soil health and ways to promote sustainable agriculture through erosion prevention for upcoming agriculture-related competitive exams and Join Soil Erosion Quiz.

  1. Splash erosion is the first stage of water erosion where:
    a) Water flows down the land removing topsoil
    b) Raindrops hit exposed soil and displace soil particles
    c) Deep channels called gullies are formed
    d) Surface runoff detaches and transports soil particles
    Raindrops hit exposed soil and displace soil particles
  2. Which of the following is NOT an impact of excessive erosion on agricultural productivity?
    a) Loss of organic matter
    b) Exposure of nutrient-rich topsoil
    c) Increased water infiltration in soil
    d) Breakdown of soil structure
    Increased water infiltration in soil
  3. The presence of which clay mineral leads to high phosphorus fixing capacity in red soils?
    a) Kaolinite
    b) Montmorillonite
    c) Vermiculite
    d) All of above
  4. How is sheet erosion caused?
    a) By surface water runoff
    b) By raindrop splash
    c) By downward cutting of streams
    d) By wind-blowing soil particles
    By surface water runoff
  5. Which factor does NOT cause weathering and erosion?
    a) Water
    b) Wind
    c) Pressure
    d) Plants

  6. Gully erosion creates deep channels that:
    a) Can be removed through normal tilling
    b) Are 10-15 cm deep
    c) Are less than 30 cm deep
    d) Cannot be removed through normal tilling
    Cannot be removed through normal tilling
  7. Sedimentation allows separation of:
    a) Soluble particles
    b) Insoluble particles
    c) Organic compounds
    d) Gaseous molecules
    Insoluble particles
  8. Rajasthan faces scarcity of water because it has:
    a) Small cultivable area
    b) Low population density
    c) Limited surface and groundwater availability
    d) Excessive precipitation
    Limited surface and ground water availability
  9. Which crop is NOT suitable for red soils?
    a) Cotton
    b) Tea
    c) Pulses
    d) Wheat
  10. How does lack of vegetation cover increase erosion?
    a) Roots bind the soil
    b) Plants reduce wind velocity
    c) Leaves reduce raindrop impact
    d) All of the above
    All of the above
  11. Weathering and erosion lead to:
    a) Formation of soil
    b) Build-up of sediments
    c) Joining of rock particles
    d) Cementation of minerals
    Formation of soil
  12. Water erosion can be minimized by:
    a) Removing vegetation cover
    b) Disturbing soil frequently
    c) Cover cropping
    d) Over-irrigation
    Cover cropping
  13. Red soils are suitable for which of the following crops?
    a) Rice and wheat
    b) Sugarcane and tea
    c) Cotton and pulses
    d) Jute and coffee
    Cotton and pulses

Disclaimer: This post intends to offer useful study content for exams. Though we strive for total accuracy, some errors may have occurred. Please cross-verify facts and inform us of any mistakes to help improve our content quality. Your feedback is valued.

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