Rajasthan’s Agriculture Statistics For competitive exams

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Get key facts and Rajasthan’s agriculture statistics on production, major crops, milk output, organic farming, etc. Useful for exam prep for positions like Agriculture Supervisor, Assistant Agriculture Officer, Food Safety Officer. Comes with MCQs for better understanding and retention. Useful resource for aspirants from Rajasthan appearing for agricultural exams and all competitive exams.

Rajasthan is a major agricultural state in India, producing a wide range of crops including wheat, barley, maize, millets, pulses, oilseeds, and spices. The state is also a leading producer of milk and organic crops.

  • Rajasthan is the leading producer of bajra, mustard, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, and milk in India.
  • It is the second-largest producer of maize. Rajasthan has the highest area under pearl millet cultivation and contributes over 16% of India’s total millet production.
  • Rajasthan produces around 28 lakh tonnes of millet annually, with bajra being the major crop.
  • Rajasthan ranks fourth among Indian states in terms of area under organic farming certification as per NPOP (National Programme for Organic Production) standards. The total area certified for organic farming in Rajasthan is 488,905 hectares.
  • Rajasthan overtook Madhya Pradesh to become the largest pulses producing state in India with annual production of 4821.84 tonnes.
  • Rajasthan is the highest milk producing state in India with around 15% contribution to the national milk output. The total milk production of India during 2021-22 was 221.06 million tonnes. Rajasthan ranks first among the major milk producing states in the country.

  1. What percentage of India’s total millet production does Rajasthan contribute?
    a) 12%
    b) 14%
    c) 16%
    d) 18%
  2. Which cereal crop occupies the largest cultivated area in Rajasthan during the Kharif season?
    a) Maize
    b) Rice
    c) Sorghum
    d) Pearl millet
    Pearl millet
  3. Which state did Rajasthan overtake to become the largest pulses producing state in India?
    a) Madhya Pradesh
    b) Uttar Pradesh
    c) Maharashtra
    d) Karnataka
    Madhya Pradesh
  4. Which spice does Rajasthan lead in production nationally?
    a) Chilli
    b) Turmeric
    c) Coriander
    d) Cardamom

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