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Breeding Methods, Crop Mutatuion and  Seed Production  are discussed in Plant Breeding ; and  DNA, RNA and Gene are discussed in Genetics.There are all Pdf available Realted to Genetic ( Plant  Breeding, Seed Technology and Biotechnology )

#Principles of Genetics :-


#Seeds and Principles of Seed Technology:-
Lessons wish PDF:-
  • Seed Production in Vegetables:-
  • 16. Seed Production in Vegetables – Tomato- PDF Download
  • 17. Seed Production in Vegetables – Chillies- PDF Download
  • 18. Seed Production in Vegetables – Bhindi- PDF Download
  • 19. Seed Production in Vegetables – Onion- PDF Download
  • 20. Seed Production in Vegetables – Brinjal- PDF Download
  • 21. Seed Production of Cucurbitaceous vegetables- PDF Download
About Seed Act, Storage, Marketing and Price:-

> Structure of monocot seed and its relationship with developing ssedlings of Maize- Download PDF 
> Seed dormancy, Causes of seed dormancy (Factors affecting seed dormancy), Methods to break dormancy-PDF Download
> Seed  germinatin and factors affecting seed germination-PDF Download
(GPB-121) (GPB-211) (GPB-221) (GPB-311) (GPB-321) (GPB-322) Plant Breeding & Genetics  SKNAU All Nots

#Breeding of Agromony and Horticultural crops:-

PDF Wish Notes:-

#Principles of Plant Biotechnology:-

Download More Subject PDF

(GPB-121) (GPB-211) (GPB-221) (GPB-311) (GPB-321) (GPB-322Plant Breeding & Genetics  SKNAU All Nots

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