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Gain an introduction to the fundamentals of biology for free with this collection of 4 comprehensive Introductory Biology PDFs covering key topics. Learn about the diversity of life, cell division, plant morphology, seed germination, plant systematics, the role of animals in agriculture, and more core concepts.

Useful for agriculture students looking to build strong biology basics. Download now and get complete high-quality PDFs and previews.

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Key Topics Covered in PDF

S. N. Topic
1. Introduction to the living world, diversity and characteristics of life, origin of life, Evolution and Eugenics.
2. Binomial nomenclature and classification Cell and cell division.
3. Morphology of flowing plants.
4. Seed and seed germination.
5. Plant systematic- viz; Brassicaceae, Fabaceae and Poaceae.
6. Role of animals in agriculture.

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