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The book “Principles of Landscape Gardening” teaches agriculture students about designing and taking care of gardens. It was written by Dr. B. Hemla Naik and Mr. S. Y. Chandrashekhar who are experts on gardens. It talks about different types of gardens like formal, informal, rock, roof, marsh, and paved gardens. It helps students learn the skills and art of making beautiful and useful gardens. The topics make it an important book for agriculture students who want to learn about landscape gardening.

  • Title: Principles of Landscape Gardening
  • Author: Dr. B. Hemla Naik, Mr. S. Y. Chandrashekhar
  • Language: English
  • Category: Agriculture Book

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  • Principles And Elements Of Landscape Designs
  • Garden Elements And Designs
  • Propagation Of Ornamentalplants
  • Graphics And Symbols In Landscape Gardening
  • Tools And Implements Used In Land Scape Design
  • Layout Of Different Styles Of Gardens
  • Layout Of Informal Gardens
  • Layout Of Formal Types Of Gardens
  • Layout Of Special Types Of Gardens
  • Layout Of Rock Garden And Gravel Garden
  • Roof Gardening
  • Paved Garden
  • Marsh Or Bog Garden
  • Landscaping Of Places Of Public Importance
  • Gardening Of Public Places
  • Designing Of Greenhouse, Conservatory, and Lathe House

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